White Teeth is a nostalgic fashion story that explores the daily routines and carefree lifestyle of the youth found in the deep blue-skies suburban utopias of Los Angeles, California.

Dressed in relaxed 90’s inspired Fits, the garments give off a sense of inadvertent style and candid vibe.

The Suburbs are our home, but never keep us from having dreams larger than life  Read more

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André Ziehe

The trajectory made by André Ziehe is not only remarkable but impressive. In this exclusive editorial for The Guest Magazine, we present a story that emanates sesuality and masculinity on the beaches of Brazil— A perfect paradise for an exclusive with a top model.


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Tavik is a lifestyle clothing brand based in Orange County, California. The brand utilizes its unique view point, pairing classic workwear with modern cuts and premium fabrics. California’s Golden Age, and its familiarity of high rise cityscapes, are sourced inspiration that Tavik has always embraced.
For Monumento, Tavik travelled with its most recent collection to the high rise buildings of Mexico City, camouflaging its collection amongst the cities architecture. Shot in Tlatelolco, Mexico, at La Plaza de las Tres Culturas (Plaza of the Three Cultures), the location played a key role in conveying imagery of diverse Mexican culture.
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La estética Post Soviética y sus razones de ser

Por : Karen Tapia

Junto con la nostalgia gitana y sobredecorada de Gucci, el estilo obsesivo del momento es la moda post-soviética de Gosha Rubchinskiy, Vetements y la nueva Balenciaga, diseñada por la uber (sobresaliente)-estilista, Lotta Volkova Adam.Un poco trashy, un poco provocativo, ligeramente exótico y condimentado con un tinte de mal gusto, digno de blogs protagonizados por las personas más raras de Rusia, la nueva estética post-soviética atrae un nuevo culto. Read more

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